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5 dangerous Prisons in New York

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How many NSW correctional centers are there?

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The state has 36 prisons, 33 run by CSNSW and three privately operated.

How many correctional centers are there in Australia?

There are 115 custodial correctional facilities across Australia (SCGRSP, 2021).

What is the biggest jail in NSW?

Clarence Correctional Centre
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  • Clarence Correctional Centre.

What is the oldest jail in NSW?

The Centre is the oldest Australian correctional facility in operation.

Berrima Correctional Centre.
Opened1839 - 1909; 1949 - 2011; 2016 - 2020
Former nameBerrima Gaol Berrima Training Centre
Managed byCorrective Services NSW
Technical details
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How much do correctional officers get paid NSW?

Average Corrective Services NSW Correctional Officer yearly pay in Australia is approximately $91,560, which is 25% above the national average.

What county is Woodbourne Correctional Facility in?

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Woodbourne Correctional Facility is a medium security mens prison operated by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision in Woodbourne, New York of Sullivan County. It is located on the same tract of land as maximum security Sullivan Correctional Facility.

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