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The player can complete various missions and league challenges to receive awards, new characters, and medals. Once the player completes a mission the game automatically saves progress. In challenges and Arcade Leagues, the player earns awards. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum metals can be acquired. Timesplitters 3: Future Perfect US Action …

GC Longplay [002] TimeSplitters: Future Perfect – Full Walkthrough | No commentary

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Can you play TimeSplitters on PS4?

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As long as you own a copy of Homefront: The Revolution (which I randomly have somewhere), you can play TimeSplitters 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, to also access TimeSplitters 2 in-game, you essentially need some good old cheat codes!

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How do you play TimeSplitters 2 Homefront on PS4?

To access the TimeSplitters 2 port, you will need to access these codes while in the level select menu:
  1. Story. LT+Up, LT+Up, Down, LT+Right, RT+Left, RT+B, LT+Y, LT+Y, RT+X, LT+A.
  2. Arcade. …
  3. Challenge. …
  4. Unknown (Possibly Cheats) …
  5. Unknown (Possibly Extras) …
  6. Unknown.

Where can I play TimeSplitters?

Buy TimeSplitters Future Perfect | Xbox.

What consoles have TimeSplitters?

The games are often considered spiritual successors to GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, due to overlaps in gameplay, design, and development team.
Platform(s)PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox
First releaseTimeSplitters October 26, 2000
Latest releaseTimeSplitters: Future Perfect March 21, 2005

What console is TimeSplitters 2 on?

TimeSplitters 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Free Radical Design and published by Eidos Interactive for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube game consoles.

How many levels are in TimeSplitters?

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The game features a story mode consisting of ten levels in which the player assumes the role of one of two space marines as they attempt to stop the alien race of TimeSplitters from ruining history by collecting the time crystals in various time periods, ranging from the Wild West to the 25th century.

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How many levels are in TimeSplitters 1?

Jacob Crow had created the TimeSplitters and sets out on a mission to destroy him and his plans. The games story takes you through 13 levels and 6 different time zones.

How long is TimeSplitters?

When focusing on the main objectives, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is about 7 Hours in length. If youre a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 32½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How many TimeSplitters are there?

56 of the 64 TS1 characters.

Does TimeSplitters 1 have a story?

The first game in the series was developed by Free Radical Design and released in October 2000, alongside the launch of the PlayStation 2. The games story focuses around a temporal war against the TimeSplitters, creatures that use time crystals to travel through time, and by doing so, are disrupting human history.

How old is Jo Beth Casey?

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Both girls appear to be a similar age during their respective missions; Mary seems roughly 16-18 in 1965, and Jo seems roughly 15-16 in 1994.

Will TimeSplitters ever be remastered?

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Deep Silver has announced that there will be a new TimeSplitters game coming from the reassembled Free Radical Design, developers of the original. It will be headed up be series originators Steve Ellis and David Doak.


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