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These clever elephant puns are the best thing youll ear all week! 1. Whats an elephants best talent? Multi-tusking! 2. Whats big, grey, wears a mask and loves to sing? The Ele-phantom of the Opera! 3. Why do bosses like to employ elephants? Because theyll work for peanuts! 4. How do elephants get ready to go swimming?

Funny Elephant Jokes and Puns – Bound To Make You Chuckle

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What do you name an elephant?

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Weve got hundreds of ideas for names inspired by the awesome elephant, giving you a fun way to name your pet.

Famous Elephant Names
  • Babar.
  • Dumbo.
  • Ella.
  • Elmer.
  • Emily.
  • Heffalump.
  • Horton.
  • Manny.

What are good stuffed elephant names?

12. Names For Stuffed Elephants
  • Nelly.
  • Jumbo.
  • Bubbles.
  • Clumsy.
  • Chomper.
  • Jellybean.
  • Dumbo.
  • Manny.

What is the name for a baby elephant?

Taking Care of Baby

A baby elephant is called a calf. Calves stay close to their mothers. They drink their mothers milk for at least two years. The calf likes to be touched often by its mother or a relative.

What is a group of baby elephants called?

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The family group is called a herd. A herd is made of all the mother elephants and their babies. There might be six to 12 members.

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Do elephants ever forget?

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In reality, an elephant never forgets is a generalization thats not true all the time because all elephants forget things from time to time. However, scientists have proven that elephants do have incredible memories.

How long does it take an elephant to forget?

This supports that elephants have good memories. Some anecdotal evidence that supports that elephants never forget is that they can grieve for years. According to and article on PBS, When an elephant walks past a place that a loved one died he or she will stop and take a silent pause that can last several minutes.

Do elephants really remember everything?

TRUE! Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth and have quite the memory to go along with their massive size. While the old saying may be exaggerated, its more true than not. An elephants memory is key to its survival and, sometimes, its herds.

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Does an elephant have a memory?

Meaning: An elephant never forgets is a saying, so if a person has a memory like an elephant, he or she has a very good memory indeed.


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