Inaugural Retina World Congress

This weekend was the culmination of multiple years of work. Retina World Congress (RWC) began from the collective belief that if we come together we can all learn from each other and that our international colleagues have so much to offer.  The goal was to create a singular event for all of them to participate and they entrusted me as their first president for two meetings to make it happen.  

Now with the baton being passed to the next president, I’m happy with the outcome and to have new pursuits.  I’m putting together a singular place to talk about interesting cases, recent studies, and educational opportunities for those in my field.   

I’m proud of the outcome – over 900 registrants, 42 Society partners, 150 speakers, and 65 countries represented on the podium at our second RWC. Nights and weekends spent on negotiating funding, developing the meeting content and program, and engaging societies to contribute topics and speakers. Ultimately, I realized was developing important leadership skills and learning so much about my myself – both my strengths and my inadequacies.  

Inaugural Retina World Congress in Februrary 2017 

2 thoughts on “Inaugural Retina World Congress

  1. Congrats Rishi on RWC#2…You started something great


    1. Thank you Peter. Truly appreciate all of your mentorship and guidance to me since fellowship into my career.


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